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Disaster Recovery Service

Would your business survive a disaster? How long would it take to restore your critical IT systems? What would downtime cost your business?

These and many more questions come to mind when thinking about disaster recovery (DR). Understanding the importance that IT plays in a business is crucial to developing a strategy to recover IT systems should your premises or servers be destroyed. Sykes Data Storage (SDS) has developed a cost effective, reliable and fully managed disaster recovery service (DRS) to help business overcome the challenges of DR.

Partnering with global technology leaders SDS has developed a Disaster Recovery Service that will provide business not only an offsite copy of critical data such as Exchange, SQL, Lotus Notes and Oracle, but also provide a platform to recover these systems to. This relieves the stress of finding a second site to recover to, setting up communication links, rebuilding Operating Systems and Applications.

SDS DRS provides business with regular offsite copies of critical data, a fully managed disaster recovery service, and a guaranteed recovery window of 24 hours for critical business systems.

If you would like to know more please contact our consultants to organise an appointment at your premises to discuss your recovery options.